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Hokkaido is famous as a treasure trove of food – not only vegetables but also seafood from nearby harbors on the Japan Sea coast. Need to know more? Just ask our travel-designer butler.

Spending time at One Niseko Exploring away from the hotel

Relax in the Gallery Cafe.
Unwind with a cup of herbal tea.
3 p.m.
Treat yourself to a soft ice cream at the Milk Factory.

Enjoy a full-course dinner at
Restaurant Tura.
Savor the outstanding taste of the local fresh ingredients.
6 p.m.
Take a 30-minute drive to Makkari Village.
Sit down to a gourmet dinner at the restaurant Maccarina.

Drink an original cocktail at ONE Bar and, if it takes your fancy, light up a fine cigar.
9 p.m.
Get into the rhythm at jazz bar Half Note.
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