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Rafting is the most popular outdoor activity in Niseko.
Jump into a rubber boat with your friends and challenge yourself
to one of Hokkaido’s most beautiful rivers, the Shiribetsu river.
Along with your fellow crew and experienced guide,
you will enjoy the thrills and excitement of rafting on the white water.


Golfers can enjoy a true Hokkaido nature experience with views of Mt.Yotei
and the surrounding mountain ranges and fairways
separated by White Birch.
There are a variety of courses, and the most famous one was designed
by world-renowned golfer Arnold Palmer.


Ducky is a boat for one or two persons.
A guide does not ride with you,
so you are free to explore the river by yourself.
Have you ever experienced Shiribetsu River Rafting before?
If so, how about challenging the river in a Ducky?
The season starts from June when the flow of water settles down.


Limited for the summer season!!
Immerse yourself in the water at special spots along the river.
Since it is enjoyable only during summer,
It is a perfect experience for your summer vacation.
The water of Hokkaido’s River is cold,
but you don’t need to worry about it when wearing a wet suit.
You can flow through a small waterfall,
or jump in the flowing rapids, and swim along the river.

Hot-air Balloon Flight

Why not start your day with a spectacular hot air balloon ride?
The tethered hot air balloon ride will provide a bird’s eye view of
the rolling green hills of Nisekowhile enjoying the golden morning sun
rising over Mt. Yotei (also known as the Ezo Fuji)
will make a perfect and a memorable start to the day for the whole family.

Mountain Biking

You can cycle together with a guide, enjoying the mountains of Niseko,
and the majestic scenery of the area, including the rolling potato fields.
Based on your experience and the weather we will choose a course to suit your needs.


You can walk slowly in beautiful nature,
with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.
You might see melting snow and stunning mountain grenery.
There are some easy trekking routes in Niseko.
Please choose your favorite course.
The “Shinsen Bog Course” is easy to walk for small children.

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