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Business Table・Party

Our team of skilled chefs and support staff are committed to making your party to meet your budget and number of people.
The executive chef Tomio Sasao of restaurant “Tura” provides the highest quality of a full course French dinner named “Niseko Cuisine”. The chef relies on fresh ingredients from Hokkaido and Okhostsk Sea and
the natural tastes of the fresh ingredients.
Please enjoy “Niseko Cuisine” that is defied the boundaries of French cuisine and added in the taste of Japan.
This is “Marriage of Taste” is better suited for your very special day.

Breakfast      ¥1,800 ~
It is available for visiting guests.
We would like you to consider trying our breakfast
for your regular meeting to change power breakfast meeting.

Dinner       ¥4,700 / ¥6,200
All-you-can-drink option ¥2,200 ~
(Beer, Whiskey, Shochu-distilled spirit, Wine and Soft drink)
*All menus are required reservation.

Business table
¥7,500 ~
A special pricing plan included hot-spring,
all-you-can-drink and transportation service.

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