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At our restaurant “Tura,” we have updated the breakfast menu.
We are focused on our home areas of Niseko and Kutchan in sourcing ingredients from within the Shiribeshi region of Hokkaido to create a wholesome and appetizing selection.

【Cold dishes & pastries】

Ham from Sapporo’s Ogane Farm
Boiled eggs from Kutchan’s Ishikawa Poultry Farm
Camembert cheese from Kuromatsunai’s Toit Vert
Local vegetable salad with homemade dressing (Japanese style & Apple)
Bread and pastries with homemade jam (Carrot & Tomato)

【Warm dish of the day】

● Pot-au-feu with Shiretoko chicken and local vegetables
● Eggs Benedict with eggs from Kutchan’s Ishikawa Poultry Farm
● Huevos a la Flamenca with eggs from Kutchan’s Ishikawa Poultry Farm
The above items are served with a side of cherry tree smoked bacon from Kuromatsunai’s Toit Vert.


The chef’s special custard pudding


Yogurt drink from Niseko’s Takahashi Farm
Juices, Hokkaido milk
Coffee, Tea

※The service style (buffet or set meal) may change daily and is not selectable.

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