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Niseko MOIWA Ski Resort

Niseko MOIWA Ski Resort is the nearest ski slope from ONE NISEKO RESORT TOWERS.


MOIWA is well known throughout Niseko as a ski resort with historical roots going back as far as 1919.
There were not any ski lifts at the time, and skiers would climb the mountain for many hours.
The exceptional snow quality, the abundant snowfall, and small yet wide ranging course have charmed many visitors over the years, MOIWA officially opened as Niseko MOIWA Ski Resort in 1966. Since then,
MOIWA has been loved not only by the locals but also by fans all over Japan and the world as the ultimate powder snow resort. In recent years, many Australian and European skiers and snowboarders have come to adore this “ski slope with feeling of privacy”.

Best Powder Snow

Niseko is known worldwide as the Holy grail for powder snow. Even amongst other places in Niseko,
MOIWA is particularly beloved for its abundant snowfall. MOIWA is the ultimate paradise for powder snow lovers. They particularly enjoy “Early Morning MOIWA.” Please imagine the joy of skiing in the pure white powder snow, there is nothing but your own spur when you look back.


MOIWA offers a wide range of ski runs catering to all skiers and snowboarders of different level of experience.
For the real snow enthusiasts, the “Giant Run” is one of the most popular runs here at MOIWA.
From the mountain peak to the right is an ungroomed zone that has an average gradient of 24 degrees and above for advanced skiers. The upper zone is hard and tight, giving skiers a thrilling pleasure as they shoot down the slope.
The “Shirakaba Slope” is a popular ungroomed slope of powder snow through the forests of white birches.
The slope conditions remains above average even in the afternoon, with plenty of powder snow.
The “Main Burn” provides the best place for families and beginners to have a fun day out in the snow.
This wide and sublime slope has many faces to accommodate the array of events and competitions it plays hosts to. The entire slope can be seen from the Sanroku Center Lodge.

5 minutes by complimentary shuttle bus
Opening Period
From 1st December, 2019 to the end of March 2020 (Scheduled)
Opening Hours
8:00~16:00 (Scheduled)
10:00~14:00 (Scheduled)
Niseko MOIWA Ski Resort
Trail Map

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