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The Niseko Rules are the official rules for the area created to ensure the safety of those skiing outside the controlled ski areas and all users of the ski resort.

1. “Haru no taki” & “Yu no sawa”area is strictly off limits at all time.

2. Crossing boundary ropes is prohibited.
Those who violate the rules may be refused from using all resorts facilities.

3. No safety control & no patrol beyond resort boundaries.

4. Do not step out of bounds when gates are closed.

5. The “Niseko Avalanche Information’ is the offcial daily info of the Niseko Rules.

6. Special charges will be applied for out of bounds search and rescue.

7. Ski patrol’s instructions must be obeyad.

8. Children under 12 must refrain from going out of bounds unless accompanied by a proficient adult leader.

9. The resorts and the local community respect the freedom of all resort users,
but are also deeply concerned about their safety.

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