By Car

Autumnal Shinsennuma

The most beautiful swamp among several in the Niseko area. Picturesque reflections of alpine plants and yeddo spruce shimmer on the water’s surface. Follow the boardwalk for an enjoyable stroll. From spring to autumn it’s a pleasurable experience, and in autumn the kaleidoscope of tints is especially pleasing to the eye.


This is where Nikka Whisky was established. At the distillery, which is near Yoichi Station, they still use traditional whisky-making methods. The buildings are laid out in a very pleasant campus-like manner and have a Scottish feel to them. Besides being able to take a tour of the facilities you can also sample various whiskies.



Otaru, which was selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Townscapes, served as a major trade and fishing port from the late 1800s. Many of its old buildings remain, as does the Otaru Canal which was completed in 1923 and today is a symbol of the town. At nighttime the old-style street gaslights offer a romantic atmosphere resonant of a bygone era.

Lake Toya

Lake Toya is located in a national park that was designated as Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Global Geopark in 2009. The caldera Lake Toya was formed about 110000 BC by a gigantic volcanic eruption and there have been countless eruptions since, the latest being in 2000. The geology of the area features fascinating scenic views that are visible from various spots in the park.