Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy


In managing our official accounts on various social media, we abide by the following guideline.

1. We understand that social media pages can be viewed and accessed by unlimited number of people and any information posted or published through social media cannot be retracted.
2. We will use best endeavors to ensure the accuracy of all information published, and to correct any inaccurate information as appropriate.
3. We will comply with the relevant laws and regulations to ensure that we respect the intellectual property and copyright of third parties.
4. We will not disclose any internal confidential information through social media, and we do not disclose any confidential and private information of our guests or third parties.
5. We will not publish or post any material which may be considered inappropriate, offensive or may cause harm. We respect the opinions of all users and always welcome feedback.

Moderation Policy

ONE NISEKO RESORT TOWERS welcomes and respects the comments and views of users. However, to ensure an agreeable environment for all users, we reserve the right to delete posts or comments that fall into the categories indicated below.

1. Posts or remarks that are obscene or discriminatory
2. Posts or remarks that attack, threaten or defame a particular individual or organization
3. Posts or remarks that contain third-party content such as information on political or sales activities, advertising or solicitations
4. Posts or remarks that suggest or encourage illegal activity
5. Posts or remarks that are not relevant to ONE NISEKO REOSRT TOWERS


Please be aware that information posted to social media sites by our staff does not necessarily reflect official statements or positions of ONE NISEKO RESORT TOWERS. For official company information, please refer to our press releases or our website.